Sunday, August 24, 2008

Empire of the sun - walking on a dream

oh man, I love this! The song is really catchy, in a trancy, vogueing in the car kind of way.
But I love the video too...probably because I love Shanghai to death, but also because the singers don't take themselves too seriously. At first I thought it was pretentious, and a bit offensive, since they clearly don't know a huge amount about chinese culture beyond the cliches, but then I realised that it shows a slightly tongue-in-cheek interest in China, which is actually pretty cool!
It sort of reminds me of the film Marie-Antoinette, where Sofia Coppola combined new wave and post punk music with a totally incongruous era. And that suits Shanghai too: a city full of contrasts, a chaotic jubilant jumble of everything imaginable.

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